I am both thankful and honored that you allow me to serve in the State House of Representatives for District 99. I am excited about the opportunity to work with Governor Lee and the Republican majority in the State General Assembly to continue having a positive impact on our wonderful state. I believe the United States of America is the greatest country on Earth and Tennessee is one of the reasons. With your active prayers and help in the campaign, we can keep our district and state moving in the right direction. Thank you for your support!

- Tom


As your Representative, I will continue to listen to and work with you to address the needs of our district and our state. I will continue to stand with President Trump and fight for the conservative values we so strongly believe in, and will continue to implement laws to support education, lower taxes, reduce regulations, stop sanctuary cities, and increase workforce development to make life easier for Tennessee families.



Tom strongly supports anti-sanctuary city laws in our state that require all law enforcement agencies in the state to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials in compliance with federal and state laws to protect the rule of law and the safety of our citizens. He stands with ICE and will always support our law enforcement. Local governments that do not comply risk losing grant contracts with the department of economic and community development. Tom supports President Trump’s leadership on cracking down on illegal immigration, and he will continue to fight against illegal immigration.


U.S. News ranks Tennessee No. 1 for fiscal stability in their best of states rankings, and Tom is committed to expanding our taxpayer-friendly and business-friendly environment by reducing taxes and regulations. During the last legislative session, he worked to cut more than $35.2 million in taxes as part of the budget, eliminate the $22 million professional privilege tax on 15 professions, toss the $6 million gym tax on smaller fitness facilities, and repeal the $435,000 ammunition tax imposed on shotgun shells and metallic cartridges for the law-abiding citizens of this state. He also helped pass the single largest investment ($239 million) in the Rainy-Day fund in the state’s history, which brought the balance to $1.1 billion.

2nd Amendment

Our founding fathers saw how critically important it was to give citizens the right to protect themselves, and now, Tom believes the government should protect that right. Our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms are under increasing attack, but Tom will always defend the Second Amendment. Tom is a member of the NRA, and he supports President Trump’s judicial nominees who are committed to protecting our constitutional rights.


Tom believes life begins at conception and should be protected. He cosponsored and was instrumental in passing Tennessee’s Heartbeat Bill and the Human Life Protection Act. He will always fight to defend the sanctity of life.


Education provides the foundation to our quality of life and our economy. Our Municipal Schools in House District 99 are outstanding and do a great job. The Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget is a concrete expression of supporting public education by making an $11.4 billion total investment. Tom fought to ensure our public schools receive more funding, including nearly $6.6 billion to directly benefit K-12 education in our public schools, $40 million to secure our Tennessee schools through school resource officers and additional safety measures, and $25 million to expand vocational and technical training opportunities.